About Us

Business Overview

Project Coordination was founded in the ACT in 1975 and has since expanded with an office in Wollongong that services New South Wales. The Company’s principal activities involve the construction and/or refurbishment of quality commercial, retail, institutional, health, residential and educational buildings for both the public and private sector.

Project Coordination is one of Australia’s leading mid-tier Construction Companies completing over $2.0 billion dollars worth of projects since inception.

Project Coordination ACT This Division specialises in the construction of building for both the public and private sector. Included in these works are many innovative and special purpose buildings that utilise best practice technologies and management systems. This division has the financial strength to handle projects valued at up to $50 million.

Project Coordination NSW This Division operates out of Wollongong and undertakes all types of construction. This Division is one of a select number of elite builders that has received NSW ‘Best Practice’ accreditation.

The Company seconds an in-house Services Engineer who handles various aspects of building engineering from design and construction, to commissioning and handover through to the completion of the defects liability period. This provides Project Coordination with the ability to bring added value to its clients by providing excellent value for money whilst bringing a post occupancy focus on building services, efficiency of operation and maintenance strategies.

Project Coordination’s key objective is to remain one of the leading participants in the construction industry by continuously raising its own bar and setting new standards.

Capability And Services

Design & Construct This involves the design, engineering and construction combined under a single contract. The advantages for the Client include a single point of contact and responsibility whilst coordination of the project is handed over completely to Project Coordination.

Project Management Under this form of delivery Project Coordination is responsible for the total delivery of the project. For a number of Clients the Company oversees building contractors and for others the Company carries out the building work using trade contractors.

Construction Management  As Construction Manager the Company takes responsibility for construction only but strives to provide the Principal, its Architect and Consultants with buildability advice. The aim is to provide the Client with the most cost effective, efficient quality project.

Head Contractor  Approximately one third of the Company’s business is awarded in the lump sum tender market or as a single select contractor.


Integrated Management System

The Company has an Integrated Management System (IMS) that combines the following:

  • Occupational Health & Safety Management to ISO 45001:2018
  • Quality Management to ISO 9001:2015
  • Environmental Management to ISO 14001:2015

The Company is also accredited with the Office of the Federal Safety Commission. The Company’s IMS is externally audited and certified by International Certifications Ltd., a JAS/ANZ accredited organisation. The IMS provides a structure for the Company’s operations and activities and ensures that there is a consistent approach to the risk management of the Company’s projects. This structured and consistent approach provides the Company’s Clients with the assurance that their interests will be protected. The Company prepares site specific project management plans, which incorporate comprehensive risk assessment and control, as well as programme, financial and quality monitoring and reporting objectives. The implementation and management of the IMS is controlled by the IMS Management Group.

This working group has responsibility for:

  • Ensuring that the IMS is properly implemented, audited and certified
  • Monitoring the implementation and effectiveness of the IMS
  • Development and Continual Improvement

Best Practice Recognition of Project Coordination’s continued commitment to superior systems management and project performance was highlighted in February 2006 when the Company achieved “Best Practice” accreditation with the NSW Government. In gaining this accreditation Project Coordination joined an exclusive group of NSW construction companies that hold this status.

“Best Practice accreditation is an acknowledgment of superior compliance over an extended period. This sustained compliance allows construction to be cost effective without compromising important industry safeguards such as Quality Assurance, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management.”

Risk Management

The Company takes a comprehensive approach to the identification and management of project risks, in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 31000:2018 Risk Management and recognises that there are a wide range of project specific risks, generally as follows:

  • Head contracting
  • Project set-up
  • Design and documentation
  • Cost and budget
  • Procurement and resources
  • Environmental aspects and impacts
  • Work Health and Safety
  • Construction activities
  • Schedule and programme
  • Quality Assurance
  • Commissioning and handover
  • Defect liability and maintenance period

It is the Company’s aim to ensure that these various categories of risk are recognised, the probability and consequences are evaluated; and appropriate strategies are in place for their management. The Company identifies risks and applies controls as appropriate to manage the risk aspects and impacts of its operations and activities. Every project undergoes a risk management assessment. The implementation of the Company’s Risk Management Process on each project places responsibility on the Project Manager to ensure that:

  • An effective risk management strategy using the hierarchy of control (HIRAC)is used to assess the risk levels of identified hazards is used.
  • The process is clearly documented in the site specific project management plans. Consultation with Company Supervisors and Employees, Design Consultants, Subcontractors and the Client in respect of risk management issues are proactive and ongoing through the life of the project.


Our People

Project Coordination employs over 80 effective, vibrant and motivated staff that have proven themselves individually and collectively over a period of years.

The Company recognises that its staff are the most critical element in achieving business success and therefore invests heavily in them with ongoing professional development.

The Company is an equal opportunity employer that values diversity and actively encourages the employment of all regardless of gender, age, race or religion.



Paul was one of the Company’s first employees commencing in 1975.  He was appointed Director in 1981 and Managing Director from 1989 to 2019 when he became the Executive Chair.

Paul holds an ‘A’ Class Builders Licence and is a Life Member of the Master Builders Association, ACT Chapter.  


Managing Director and ACT Manager

Gavin became the Managing Director in 2019 after being a Director since 2007.  

Gavin has a wide range of construction and design management experience having worked in London, Canberra and Melbourne as a Project Manager, Contract Administrator and General Foreman.

Gavin holds an ‘A’ Class Builders Licence and a Bachelor of Construction Management and Economics from the University of Canberra.


NSW Managing Director

Steve joined Project Coordination in 1996 and was appointed NSW Manager in 2001. Steve has over 30 years experience in the construction industry and is responsible for the day to day running of the division.  He was appointed as a Director in July 2007, and NSW Managing Director in 2017.

Steve holds a NSW Builders Licence, Advanced Diploma in Building and Construction Management and Diploma in Building and Construction.


ACT Construction Manager

Michael joined Project Coordination in 2018 bringing with him 30 years' experience in the construction industry.

As the ACT Construction Manager he is responsible for overseeing all construction activities for the ACT Division.

Michael holds an ‘A’ Class Builders Licence and Advanced Diploma's in Project Management and Building Construction Management.


Company Systems Manager

Lisa joined Project Coordination in 2009 as the Systems Manager.  She has proven experience in safety and contract management in the construction industry and government. Lisa is responsible for the management of the Company's Integrated Management System.


NSW Construction Manager

Jay joined Project Coordination in June 2015 as a Project Manager and was appointed NSW Construction Manager in March 2020. Jay has over 15 years experience in the industry and is responsible for overseeing all construction activities for the NSW Division.

Jay holds an a Certificate IV in Building and Construction and Certificate IV in Small Business Management.


NSW HSEQ Manager

Karl is a qualified Quantity Surveyor with over 30 years experience in the construction industry.  He also has extensive experience in Design Development and Integrated Management Systems and is crucial to the successful delivery of the projects.


Finance Manager

Linda is a qualified CPA Accountant with Masters degrees in both Accounting and Finance. She has over 10 years’ experience in accounting across different areas, including in commercial industries especially in construction), public practices as well as for Not-For-Profit-Organisations. Linda joined Project Coordination in 2021 managing the financial operations of both the ACT and NSW Divisions.


ACT Bid Manager

Jade joined Project Coordination ins 1997 as a Contract Administrator. Since then she has held the roles of Project Manager and Quality Assurance Manager, before taking on the position of ACT Bid Manager in 2014.

As Bid Manager she is responsible for planning and overseeing the Tenders and Expressions of Interest of the ACT Division.

Jade holds a Bachelor of Building with Honours from the University of South Australia.

Working With Project Coordination

Project Coordination has remained at the forefront of the construction industry by always looking towards the future. This has ensured its development and growth since founding.

Project Coordination only employs personnel of the highest calibre and focuses strongly on staff training in support of their career goals and aspirations. The Company’s philosophy is to create an environment that nurtures and enriches the working life of its staff.

The effects of the current generation on the environment are forefront on the Company’s agenda. Project Coordination is constantly reviewing its policies to provide Australia with a cleaner and more sustainable environment for the future. The Company is proud of its commitment to project efficiency and environmental responsibilities.

The overriding philosophy is to provide the best value for the budget that results in quality projects which meet the Client’s expectation with no surprises along the way.