Holbrook Hospital Upgrade

Thursday January 2, 2003

The NSW Department of Commerce has recently awarded Project Coordination the contract for the Acute Refurbishment and Ambulance Station at Holbrook Hospital in country NSW.

The project will involve refurbishment of the acute section of the hospital including the palliative care room and administration, the co-location of the ambulance service, an upgrade of kitchen facilities and other site improvements.

In-ground services and concrete slabs were completed to the Ambulance Station and Palliative Care. Wall frames and roof trusses were completed to the Ambulance Station and rough-in of services continued in Palliative Care.

Roof sheeting will be installed to the Ambulance Station and construction of the internal and external walls to the Palliative Care and Ambulance Station will be undertaken.

The project is due for completion in mid 2004.