Kingston Powerhouse – Canberra Glassworks

Client ACT Government
Location Kingston ACT
Value $9.52m
Year 2007
Delivery Project Management

This project involved the adaptive re-use of the heritage listed Kingston Powerhouse for use as a Glass Art facility, unique to the Southern Hemisphere.  The facility includes workshop areas catering for the entire glassmaking process (hot and cold working areas), storage and staff facilities, free circulation for public viewing from elevated galleries, retail shop, centre management and Café.  The building also has the capacity in the future to expand into being an architectural glass manufacturing facility.



An innovative design was created in relation to the hydraulic and mechanical services.  As a result of the glass making process the efficient capture of heat and energy is a predominant contributor to space heating and warm/hot water circulation.  In-slab hydronic heating was also installed, taking advantage of the above systems.  An efficient air movement and ventilation system was incorporated into the design which is in keeping with the heritage aspects of the building.  A vast majority of process by-products and waste products are recirculated back through the system; one more notable measure being the 100% utilisation of stormwater run off being stored, all process water being filtrated and re-used.

All of the above contributes to minimising power, gas and water use during the building’s ‘life-cycle’.