Manuka Plaza Upgrade

Client ING Investments Pty Ltd
Location Manuka ACT
Value $2.23m
Year 2005
Delivery Lump Sum

The project consisted of an extension and general upgrade to the upper floor of Manuka Plaza, including the construction of a new freestanding retail tenancy, to become “The Terrace” at Manuka.  The demolition of a 17m high concrete clock tower structure had to be undertaken to make room for a structural steel framed extension to the centre courtyard, adjacent to the arcade, creating an additional 70sqm of tenancy space.  A 70sqm freestanding retail facility was also constructed on a suspended curved concrete wall and slab structure.    

The demolition of the clock tower presented a challenge, as it was a 3-storey, reinforced concrete and steel structure, situated on a suspended slab above a retail area. Calculations involving loads, weight of machinery and reach of cranes were methodically carried out in order to ensure public safety.



Nominated in the 2006 MBA Awards for Excellence