Parliament House Press Gallery Upgrade

Client The Fairfax Group
Location Canberra ACT
Value $0.43m
Year 2005
Delivery Construction Management

The Fairfax Group occupied two large rooms in Parliament House for their press gallery reporters and support staff.  The client required the upgrade of each room to meet their requirements. The existing workstations, power, data and carpet were removed, and replaced with new. Some new joinery for newspapers & publications were also required. Existing walls were to be repainted to freshen up the areas.  

The client pre-purchased the new workstations and screens and carpet tiles and had them within the building prior to commencement of the works.  The client’s original requirement was for this work to be carried out in 4 days.  This was achieved with detailed planning with all subcontractors and suppliers as two of the days were Saturday & Sunday where any missing items would not be easily obtained.